Cherie has been a tremendous help in getting things into motion to reshape my business in the way I have always envisioned it to be. I had been feeling "stuck" and my business was stagnant for quite a while;  I just didn't know how to find the passion I once had for my business or where to start. In literally five sessions with Cherie, things began to shift in a positive direction and my thoughts on my ideal business started to manifest . She taught me how to energetically bring in what I needed in order to achieve my goals. In a short time, I received several new client prospects—not just any clients but ones who fit my ideal client prototype.  Subsequently, I changed the name of my business and hired another staff person—things I had been struggling with for some time. I now feel like my business has a new life, direction and energy, and I am feeling re-energized. Cherie's guidance and support was invaluable and instrumental in getting me and my business back on track! John M Santisi, Jr., CPA, CGMA. NFP Accounting Solutions

Cherie walks in love and light.  She is highly intuitive and very knowledgeable about the body.  She focuses all of that on me when we are working together. As a result, my body and my mind are making great shifts to wellness I never dreamed were possible.  She is amazing!  Debbie, Sedona Arizona

The session I had with Cherie opened my mind to the truth about pain and the power we have over it. I learned so many useful tools. I left pain free that night and even though I didn't mention the details of the pain I has having she intuitively went right to it!! Plus, she is a JOY to be with! Jana, Sedona Arizona

Cherie I would like to thank you for my session. I have had some really different things happen to me afterwards. I got really sick for about two weeks and from there my life has changed. I have had job offers, my head seems to be thinking clearer and I am organising my life easier with no more stress. I was a really bad stress head but I no longer feel any of that, not to mention I was feeling really tied and lethargic. I wish you all the success and happiness. I don't understand it but I feel kinda free to do what I want and have the power and energy to do it all now! Thank you to a really special person for helping me get my life back on track to being happy and content with all I do now. Fiona, Perth Australia

Our poor little dog (Buddy) was so sick, he was exhausted, and the doctors had really given up. Cherie did a remote session with him as he lay next to me on the couch and she was in Australia! After only about 10 minutes he suddenly looked at me, got up, went outside and threw up something large and white. Then he came back inside and immediately went into a deep sleep. When he woke up the next day he was better than fine. He was the frisky puppy that he had been 8 years ago! The vet was astonished, and Buddy was thrilled that he didn’t have to have any more of those nasty IVs ever again! Lauren C, Austin Texas

Hello Cherie. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for everything you've done for me. I am amazed at the changes manifested and manifesting in my life since our connection. Since then I've found a much better, more rewarding job. I have put in motion steps to achieve the goals I've set for myself to live the passions I have, once I transfer from one phase of my life to the next. I have become much more at ease with the relationships in my life, with the people I love and care about. I could go on forever the changes that have taken place since that Sunday morning. You are truly an angel blessed with amazing abilities and I am in awe of them. The fact that you use them for the good of others gives me great hope in humanity. Again, thank you so much. There are no words to describe what you've done for me means to me. With every fibre of my being THANK YOU!  Stephen, Texas

Thank you Cherie for the lovely time spent helping to clear this block and dense energy, for your loving care and gifts shared with me and the world, for your vivacious energy which is so joyfully infectious, for the positivity and influence and wondrous encouragement toward this new journey. Thank you for the help in putting me at ease with how this next phase of life will come to fruition for me and the reminder that it is all waiting to be created and that the best is absolute, for the messages etc.  Kate, Austin Texas

Cherie came into our life at just the right time. My 6 year old son had a session with her and I was blown away by her loving. caring energy and ability to connect with him. He was totally relaxed (and fascinated) during the session and we saw the effects of her healing by that evening. His health and well-being has continued to improve since then. I have also benefited from Cherie's energy via him and also with my own healing session. I'm forever grateful for her positive influence on our lives. I absolutely know that Cherie has an incredible gift and we are so lucky that she is sharing it with all of us!  Susannah, Perth Australia