This is a calling to all souls ready to set yourself free.

 What if every thought you had was of the light...
What if you saw, felt, tasted, experienced everything as love, as harmony, as support, as a gift...
What if you actually felt that every road you take leads you to more light...
What if your light shone in everything you do...
What if you allowed in every moment....Ahhh...what a relief!

This calling is not about words, it’s about a longing within. Are you ready and willing to experience a complete shift in perspective, where your perspective comes only from love and light.


This is a calling. A journey that you are ready and willing to take. I will guide and inspire you along the way. The choices are yours. The commitment is yours. In my experience, this has been one of the most self loving choices I've made. The choice to allow love.

Cherie Mason

What if you experienced everything as light



My gift is supporting you align your energy with love/truth/light, with your natural state of wellbeing. Pure consciousness is channeled through me creating an activation in you. With your permission, I assist to align you with your highest potential. Aligning your energy with ‘truth’ creates healing, health, wealth, love and divine self expression. Individuals move into an empowered state where they can live from a place of potential and confidence. You will receive whatever you are ready for. Are you ready to shift now? I work with clients worldwide, in person and remotely, aligning and opening you to your full potential.


Corporates Joins Energetics



I offer a new aspect of support to the business world.  Combining my energetics with my experience in the corporate world to help your business move to the next level. I tune into the consciousness of your business, hearing what it is needing around direction and dynamics, and I energetically align your business for optimum performance. Shifting you to do business in a more conscious way. These sessions can be done in person, remotely or via Skype. Start with an energetic consultation of your business today.


Energetic Alignment Of A Space



The one thing most of us can't see, ENERGY, is the biggest thing that affects us in every moment!  Beyond our personal being, it affects our environment, home, office, workplace, vehicle etc. Stuck energy in our home can affect our sleep patterns, health and relationships. Stuck energy in our business can affect our clients, income flow, business partnerships, service effectiveness & efficiency. 'Spring' cleaning is not only about removing dust built up over winter, it's about cleansing yourself and your spaces from the build up of energetic debris (this can include old habits, negative influences, poor health, relationship challenges).  All this leaves it's mark and needs to be cleared out to allow space for the new, for flow, for ease and for grace. I have a unique gift of channeling truth/light.  This energy works through me as a vibrational frequency which 'shifts or transmutes' that which is not of the truth or light.  During the Energy Alignment I move around your space as guided and clear blockages and negative energies, aligning things with their natural state of truth. I am often given information about what is needed to continue assisting with the flow of energy in your space and I will share any information with you. These alignments are offered in person or remote.

The possibilities are limitless!  Are you ready?


Per session USD $325


Per session USD $550

Business Packages | these packages will assist with quantum shifts in your business. Contact me to discuss your customised package.


$250 per hour (minimum 2 hours). For remotes you simply send me a rough drawing of your house or business office plan and I will tune into it and align the space.


Feeling stuck. Needing to ‘get started’ on a project of any kind. Call me! I can help you energetically, emotionally and physically get the project under way and in momentum. Its EASY and we’ll have FUN. Price quoted upon free consultation.

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Energetic Alignment Package - work with me over 3 or 6 months to transform your life and your business. Phone consultation for details

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