Originally from Perth Western Australia, I now live in Sedona, Arizona.  How lucky am I!  I guess the part you want to know is "how did I come into this wonderful world of energy?"  

Growing up I was always exposed to personal growth and spirituality through my mother.  I remember from the age of 12 I found myself wanting to spend more time with her 'weird' friends rather than my own peers.  I was fascinated by this 'other' world and it simply 'fit' me.

Fast forward years later and I found myself in the exciting world of event management, after doing a plethora of other jobs.  Child Care, Travel Consultant, Nanny in Hong Kong, Flight Attendant, Restaurant Manager, Sporting Co-ordinator and the list goes on.  I worked for an incredible world class event catering company for 5 years before branching out and becoming a consultant.  I was contracted on events, hired my own staff, healed communications and relationships within and between companies and basically sorted out their 'shit'!  I brought things into alignment & balance and raised the level of service.

After 5 years of consulting on different events I had it down and found myself wanting more!  Something that fed my heart.  The events were fun, crazy and exciting but they were no longer expanding me.  I asked spirit for more, for my purpose.


I was driving to work one morning and a 'perfect storm' materialised.  Everything was lined up for what happened next.  A car drove at high speed across my lane directly in front of me and I t-boned it. OUCH!  For the next 7 months it felt like my neck had been ripped off.  I went from running and swimming at the beach every morning to laying in bed.  I was barely able to hold my own head up or even butter a piece of toast.  I was a mess, miserable, terrified and in a lot of pain.  I had injuries starting from my neck, jaw, shoulder, collar bone and ribs down to my shin.  Doctors told me there was nothing they could do and I'd be in pain for the rest of my life.  Take drugs was their answer.  They said the pain I had was quite normal....not for me it wasn't!  People told me stories of their whip lash injuries 20 years earlier and it still caused them pain.  It was like waving a red flag to a bull.  'I don't think so!' was my response.  THAT'S NOT THE STORY I CHOSE.

Really, you're going to have to buy the book to get the nitty gritty (lol).  One day I hit my limit and decided pain, misery and fear were not the life I wanted.  SO I CHANGED MY MIND.  I started healing myself with my thoughts.  I never gave up.  Every time a negative thought entered my mind I said 'stop', I took a deep breath and began the positive thoughts again.  I told myself 'I have perfect health', 'every cell in my body functions perfectly'.  I chose self empowerment.  I chose to be the warrior in my own life rather than a victim of a situation.  I KNEW I HAD THE POWER TO TOTALLY HEAL MY OWN BODY. I started to heal fast!  My physical rehabilitation therapist said she'd never seen anyone with the same injuries heal as fast as I did.  She attributed it to my attitude and 'doing the work' in all areas of my life.  

So enough with insurance companies and being poked and asked how is your neck.  I wanted to be asked how I was.  Not just the physical.  By 10 months I was able to pull a suitcase so I traveled to India were I spent 3 weeks at an Ayurvedic Retreat.  I was massaged 3 times a day and nurtured with love, care and healthy organic food. Bliss!  I had no idea what was to come...

I ended up traveling for the next 3 years, returning to Australia once.  I traveled to Malaysia, Canada, USA, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Mexico, Honduras and Europe.  As I traveled I discovered I had a healing gift.  Through the grace of my good timing (it's all in the attitude you know!), I met the perfect people who mentored and encouraged me to open more fully to this incredible energy that channels through me.  I started getting feedback that people were healing in many ways.  Physically, emotionally, things they wanted started manifesting. During the session, I stand fully in my power and allow only the highest light energy to come through me to assist others.  Don't worry I don't miss out.  My intention has always been to be uplifted as I channel the energy for others.  ALWAYS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN WELLBEING FIRST.  I am invigorated after a session because that is what I choose.  I am grateful everyday to be in service, facilitating others to be empowered and at their very best.

Look at me just a couple of years after the accident.  I'm the one in black.  I climbed Thunder Mountain, 6355ft.  A class 4 (challenging) climb with no ropes.  My body performed perfectly.  No neck or residual injury pain.  WHAT CHOICES DO YOU MAKE?